Mortimers your textbook figure 226 shows some normal

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Unformatted text preview: hese bonds do not vibrate independently of one another. There are collective motions of some (or all) of the atoms called normal modes of vibration. Mortimer’s (your textbook) Figure 22.6 shows some normal vibrational modes for three atoms in a linear and non- linear arrangement. IR- radiation of a particular wavelength will be emitted or absorbed for each vibrational mode that is IR- active. These modes give rise to the peaks that we will observe in the spectra obtained during this experiment. Briefly explain the differences expected between infrared spectra of gas phase diatomic molecules (i.e. HCl and DCl molecules from the vibrational- rotational experiment) and those of small polyatomic species which are part of a crystalline lattice (i.e. the anions in this experiment). Experimental Infrared spectra will be obtained on the Bruker Alpha IR spectrometer located in C- 3041. PLEASE treat the instrument with care (it is new and very expensive!). Spectra wi...
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