Why might the experimental frequencies differ

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Unformatted text preview: s labeled print, save, unload and measure next sample. Click the GO button. 14. The spectrum is automatically saved, printed and closed. The measurement window appears again. Follow steps 7 – 14 to obtain your second spectrum. Page 2 of 4 Chemistry 2302 IR Anions Winter 2012 When you are finished using the instrument, please leave it on. You may close the OPUS software, however. Disposed of the three discs in the regular garbage unless one or two of them contain toxic compounds. In this case, follow an instructor’s directions for proper disposal. Please ensure that the area where you prepared the disks is left clean and tidy. Clean and thoroughly dry all of the equipment (die, mortar, pestle) you used when preparing the cell. Rinse the used weighing bottles with...
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