equation 4 where is the rydberg constant given

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Unformatted text preview: e term symbols. The notation representing an electron transition is written follows: Upper state term symbol à༎ Lower state term symbol For hydrogen and deuterium, only consider the 4 strongest emission peaks. For sodium you need only consider the first line in the principle series (see the diagrams on the next two pages, from Noggle). Hydrogen Correct the wavelengths observed in air, of the hydrogen emission lines, to vacuum then convert the wavelengths to wavenumbers (cm- 1). The correction involves the refractive index of air and can be found in Shoemaker. Now use equation 4 to calculate the four theoretical energies of the emitted photons for the first four lines in the Balmer series. Deuterium As for hydrogen, correct the observed the experimental isotopic shift with the theoretical isotopic shift. Address the applicability to your systems, any assumptions made in the development of the theory. If the hydrogen and deuterium...
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