In this experiment the electron emission spectra of

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Unformatted text preview: have the extension .wav. Open these files in Notepad (or other simple text editing software). Copy the columns of data (wavelengths and intensities) and paste them into a spreadsheet. For all species, recreate the spectrum you observed during the experiment by plotting a graph of intensity versus wavelength. Choose a graph type that will draw a smooth line through the data points without displaying the actual points. Enlarge (zoom in on) the four strongest emission lines in only the hydrogen spectrum and submit these as individual plots. Identify the upper and lower states of each strong spectral line measured by its atomic term symbol n(2S + 1)LJ . You will need to consult the literature for these assignments. An energy level diagram for hydrogen can be found in Sime. The diagram for sodium (taken from Noggle) is given later in this outline. On your printed spectra, next to each intense peak, identify the electronic transition responsible for its presence with th...
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