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Unformatted text preview: e want to implement the same rule for Book and AudioBook volume discount. •  We can implement 2 iden.cal member func.ons for each of the 2 classes. •  Alterna.vely, we can implement only 1 func.on that takes Book* as the explicit parameter: double VolumeDiscount(int qty, Book* book) { double discount=0.0; if(qty > book->minOrder()) discount+=0.1; if(qty*book->shipping()> book->shippingDis()) discount += 0.1; return discount; } •  Declare minOrder(), shipping() and shippingDis() as virtual func.ons. 2 10/12/12 C++ vs. Java in Dynamic Binding •  C++ manipulates object itself for computa.on. •  Dynamic binding only applies to virtual func.ons on object pointers : AudioBook b(...); Book a=b; //ok a.shipping(); //call Book::shipping() Book* ap=&b; ap->shipping(); //call AudioBook::shipping() •  Java manipulates object reference for computa.on. •  All overriding fu...
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