Alizaon list 4 execung the body of the derived class

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Unformatted text preview: Ini.alizing the derived class members using the constructor ini.aliza.on list. 4. the body of the derived class constructor. Review: Sta.c Binding •  The type of implicit parameter determines which of the overriding func.ons to call. •  The type of explicit parameter determines which of the overloading func.ons to call. //class AudioBook: public Book Book a(..); //Book::f(int); //Book::f(string); AudioBook b(…); //AudioBook::f(int); //AudioBook::f(string); a.f(2); //? b.f(“hello”); //? a.f(“hello”); //? b.f(2); //? 1 10/12/12 Sta.c vs. Dynamic Binding •  C++ supports both sta.c and dynamic binding for overriding func.ons calls. •  Dynamic binding only applies to virtual func.ons that are called by object pointers : Func%on calls binding ObjectPointer  ­> virtualFunc.on dynamic Object.virtualFunc.on sta.c ObjectPointer  ­> nonVirtualFunc.on sta.c Virtual Func.on Overhead •  The space overhead...
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