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Unformatted text preview: of the virtual table (vtable): –  At compile .me, the constructor of an object containing virtual func.ons must ini.alize the virtual table, which is the table of pointers to its member func.ons. •  The speed overhead resul.ng from the dynamic binding process: –  At run .me, virtual func.ons are called using pointer indirec.on, which results in a few extra instruc.ons per method invoca.on as compared to a non ­virtual method invoca.on. •  Virtual func.ons whose resolu.on is only known at run ­.me cannot be inlined. Examples class Book{ public: virtual double shipping (); void update(int); ... } class AudioBook : public Book{ public: double shipping(); void update(double); ... } AudioBook b(...); Book a=b; //ok a.shipping(); //call ?, dynamic/static Book* ap=&b; ap->shipping(); //call ?, dynamic/static ap->update(1995); //call ?, dynamic/static Dynamic Binding Provides Abstrac.on and Facilitates Code Reuse •  W...
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