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Unformatted text preview: nc.ons have dynamic binding: Book a=new Book(...); a.shipping(); //call Book::shipping() Book b=new AudioBook(“C++”, 2010,2.5); b.shipping(); //call AudioBook::shipping() Func.on Objects •  JavaScript examples: •  Unlike func.onal languages, where function operate(operator,x,y) {return operator(x,y);} func.ons are first ­class and function add(x,y){return x+y;} can be passed as var f=add; parameters to a func.on document.writeln(operate(add, 2,3)); //? and can be returned from document.writeln(operate(f, 2,3)); //? a func.on, C++ func.ons can not be copied to an function addx(x) { func.on argument or be return function addy(y) {return x+y} returned fro...
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