Double bookshipping double audiobookprice derived

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Unformatted text preview: selfassignment if(&rhs != this) { title=rhs.title; year=rhs.year; } return *this; } AudioBook& AudioBook::operator= (const AudioBook& rhs) { //check for selfassignment if(&rhs != this) { Book::operator=(rhs); length=rhs.length; } return *this; } 2 10/9/12 Derived Class Added Func/ons •  Derived Class can add new member func/ons: double AudioBook::length_v (); •  Derived Class can override func/ons in the based class. double Book::shipping(); double AudioBook::price (); •  Derived Class can overload func/ons in the Base class: void Book::update (string); void Book::update (int); void AudioBook::update (double); Exercise int main() Func/on called: { Book::Book(string,int) Book a("C", 1990); AudioBook b; AudioBook c("JavaScript",2008,1.5); AudioBook d(c); a=c; //ok, information lost a.update(1990); b=a; //error c.update(“C++”); a.shipping(); b.sipping(); d.update(3.5); } Sta/c Binding •  Both Overloading and overriding func/ons have the same name. •  Depending on the class type of the...
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