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Unformatted text preview: ight of Derived Classes Type of Inheritance Access Control for Members Base Class private protected public private protected public private private protected protected protected public class Book{ public: …. private: string /tle; int year; } Book  ­string /tle  ­int year IS ­A AudioBook  ­double length class AudioBook : public Book{ public: …. private: double length; } Execu/on Order of Derived Class Constructor & Destructor •  Alloca/ng space for the •  When an object is en/re object to store base destroyed (goes out of class plus derived class’s scope or is deleted) the members. derived class's destructor is called on the object •  Calling the base class's first; constructor to ini/alize the base ­class members. •  Then the base class's destructor is called on th...
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