private constructors constructors are responsible for

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Unformatted text preview: ….. private: }; //class_point.h class class_book{ //anything defined in this area is private string author; public: ….. private: }; Constructors •  Constructors are responsible for the ini/aliza/on of members of the created object. •  A default constructor is a constructor that has no parameters. •  A copy constructor is a constructor that is invoked to make a copy of an exis/ng object. •  If any type of constructor is defined in a class, C++ compiler won’t generate a default constructor. •  If NO constructor is defined in a class, compiler generates: –  Default constructor: Book::Book(){//empty body} –  Copy constructor (member ­wise shadow copy): Book::Book(const Book& other):title (other.title), year (other.year){//empty body} 1 10/5/12 Compiler Generated Constructors are not sufficient •  A constructor creates an object in the following steps: 1.  2.  3.  Allocate memory to hold the object; Ini/alize the members using specified ini/al values if provided. Otherwise it uses the member’s default constructor. Executes the constr...
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