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Assignment operator and copy constructor are similar

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Unformatted text preview: uctor body •  Compiler generated default constructor: Book::Book(){//empty body} Book aBook(); •  /tle: empty string, which is ini/alized by the STL string class •  year: garbage Assignment Operator= •  Assign an object of a class type to another object of the same class. •  Assignment operator and copy constructor are similar, in that they both perform member ­ wise copy from one object to another. •  Difference: assignment operator overwrites object on the le] ­hand ­side of =, while copy constructor ini/alizes the object value the first /me. • Assigned object has to exist previously. Book& Book::operator= (const Book& rhs) { //check for selfassignment if(&rhs != this){ title=rhs.title; year=rhs.year; } return *this; } Programmer Defined Constructors //Book.cc #include “Book.h” //default constructor Book::Book():year(0){} //copy constructor, same as //the compiler generated one Book::Book(const Book& aBook) { title=aBook.title; year=aBook.year; } //constructor with parameters Book::Book(string title_in, int year_in) { title=title_in; year=year_in; } int main(){ //use default constructor Book a; //use the constructor with parameter Book b("C", 1990); //use copy constructor Book c=b; //use assignment operator= b=a; //use ? c=a.swap(b); } c=a.swap(b); •  Passing object parameter: –  involves co...
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