To make sure the passed argument is not modied in the

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Unformatted text preview: le] ­hand operand is bound to the object on which it is invoked. Overloading Operators •  Operators are func/ons, which can be defined inside a class (member func/on) or outside a class. •  Just as func/on can be overloaded using different signatures, operators can be overloaded using different operands. bool Book::operator==(Book other) { //return 1 if book and other are the same. return (year_v==other.year() && ( ( == 0)); } bool Book::operator==(string otherTitle) bool Book::operator==(int otherYear) Operator func/ons •  To make sure the argument is passed more efficiently, pass reference using &. •  To make sure the passed argument is not modified in the func/on, add const. •  bool Book::operator==(const Book& other); bool Book::operator==(Book other); if(book1==book2) … //first operand is book1, other is book2 3 10/5/12 Overloading iostream operators •  This is defined...
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