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Allocaon deallocaon correctly if a class denes one of

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Unformatted text preview: py constructor (create a new copy of the parameter object) •  Returning object from a func/on: –  involves copy constructor (create a new copy of the return object) •  Assigning the returned object to a variable: –  Involves assignment operator (overwrite the exis/ng object) 2 10/5/12 The rule of three •  When a class allocates memory dynamically (new) in its constructor, it requires every copy of the object to deal with the memory alloca/on/ de ­alloca/on correctly. •  If a class defines one of the following, it should probably explicitly define all three: –  Copy constructor (memory alloca/on) –  Assignment operator (memory alloca/on/de ­ alloca/on) –  Destructor (memory de ­alloca/on) Operator member func/on •  Index operator (operator) and assignment operator (operator=) have to be member func/on if defined. •  When a binary operator is defined as a member func/on, its...
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