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Myy stdendl the same applies to template class

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Unformatted text preview: eturnPair.getFirst()+" returnPair: "+returnPair.getSecond()); } } C++ Parameter Variable is Pass by Value – Object Variables Point swapObject(Point a) int main(){ { // is an object value, the oint p (10,20); P // changes made are NOT visible std::cout << p.my_x() << " , " << // outside the func.on. p.my_y () < < s td::endl; int temp; temp=a.my_x(); //object “p” value is copied to the “a” a.set_x(a.my_y()); parameter variable a.set_y(temp); Point returnPoint=swapObject(p); Point localV(100,101); std::cout << p.my_x() << " , " << //return local object is ok as a copy of p.my_y() << std::endl; //the object reference is retu...
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