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In general the subscript used on the dimensionless

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Unformatted text preview: nless groups: –  Biot Number (Bi) –  Fourier Number (Fo) Dimensionless Groups •  We will encounter many other dimensionless groups such as: Nusselt # (Nu), Reynolds # (Re), Grashof # (Gr), Rayleigh # (Ra), Prandtl # (Pr), Jakob # (Ja), Eckert # (Ec), Peclet # (Pe), Stanton # (St), Stefan # (Ste), Colburn factor ( j), and Fanning fricBon factor (Cf or f). •  In general, the subscript used on the dimensionless number indicates the length scale used in its definiRon, i.e. ConducRon Review •  One Dimensional Steady ConducRo...
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