Got destroyed in harbor kamikaze divine wind show that

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Unformatted text preview: over jap- had foreshadowing of the attack • getting intelligence from Asian mainland- rally warriors and build forts- • brief encounters on the land between japs- outnumbered by mongol forces • in both cases the mongol fleet ended up being destyored by typhoons esp in 1281- • underarmed jap forces wouldn’t have been able to stop them, except entire fleet got destroyed in harbor- • kamikaze- divine wind- show that Shinto gods on side of jap- • jap was never invaded to the point of being taken over by another power- • kept preparing forts- at great expense in anticipation of invasion Buddhism • from china- various sects • become further developed than in china • the pure land school of Buddhism • he preached that we are living in the end of the law period- inability of humans to fully achieve enlightenment without the assistance of an outside force- • he put his faith in the amidah Buddha- presides over the western land- in chinese this refers to region out into the desert towards india- • “western land”- comes to mean paradise in which souls go to- magical and not understoo...
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