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Later on all we know is that the assassin hid at the

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Unformatted text preview: ry diety of swordsman and archers- means a diety that is assoc wth a certain place, person or set of events- • Wabi sabi- oldest plant species on the planet Aesthetics • Aware- intransience- life is short and rather than being sad about impermanence- we should take light in our knowledge that everything is going to change- the futility in putting your hopes and aspirations- life is going to throw you curveballs, and if you have this sense you will cope • • • • • • • • • • • • Yugen- the second term gen- refers to the unexplainable source of the universe- a scholar or poet who is trying to cultivate a meaning say that the words we write only vaguely can cover the meanings of things- when we put something to words, we make the meaning much less meaningful Wabi sabi- sadness, loneliness, impermanence, imperfection- melancholy and impermance- imperfection is the best example- refers to the beauty of the natural world which is impermanent- things die, and rot- flaws in the design is a good thing- shows that only perfection is from the Buddha- you need to show delight Shibui- juxtapos...
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