Lecture 4

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Unformatted text preview: ition between highly polished works of art with something that is crude which – that kind of false world perfection doesn’t exist in reality- Miabi- pure elegance- Ginko at hachimangu- behind this tree- the assassin on minomoto santomo hid- this legend is something that was made up much later on- all we know is that the assassin hid at the bottom of the steps- Yori tomo- father Yori ie- 17- not fully in postion to take over shogun- he was impetus and single minded- he plots against hogo clan- ousted in 1203- sent to exile- hogos have him exiled in 1904- Yori somo- his beother in power- assas in 1213- assas at the ginko tree- Yorimoto fam- power base in kamakuro– still trying to get favor with imperial court- sanitomo is killed by yoshinari kugyo- the second son of yori ie- his nephew- this man wss outside of the succession and through his mom , he got to be a chief priest at the temple- Sanetomo- tried to get more involvement- wrote poems, letters, etc- peart of intellect of dynasty- to show the ruling family his respect- he had received a title and went to hachimongu to...
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