Sutra that will give you access to the true buddhist

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Unformatted text preview: d- physical version of nirvana – no sense of identity • you have to chant the buddha’s name- • • • • Pure land Buddhism- honen True pure land- not in direct opposition- shinran founded- took teachigns further- stressed even more the depbasement of the human condition at this time – in sync with the influence and later developments of protest- only through faith can you be saved- no good works can grant you salvation- disciple of honen- Earlier chinese monks oyu travelled to india- period of intensive borrowing- Buddhism is indinginized Nichiren- Buddhism- only through faith is salvation- but even more specific –put all faith in lotus sutra- said all you need to read is the lotus sutra- this is the one sutra that will give you access to the true Buddhist teachings- focused in on a particular chant- “hail to the lotus sutra of the wonderful law”- chanting as a way to express inner faith- his name is ren=lotus and niche=son- he claims to predict the mongol invasions and the defeat of htem- he argues that the japs are uniquely protected by imperial ancestors- Shinto dieties- absorbed by...
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