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Nor is there any oman remotely approaching the status

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Unformatted text preview: pawn in a daimyos fame of power, Only female warrior in the whole of samurai history- Tooe Gozen, wife of the minomoto general kiso yoshinaka, who fought beside her husband in the campaigns of the Gempei war and met her death with him in 1184. Nor is there any oman remotely approaching the status of Masako, widow of the first shogun minamoto yoritomo, whom histoyu presents as a bitter schemer, determined to destroy the minamoto succession in favour of her own clan, the hojo 103 Objects who were useful for acquiring power through seiryaku kekkon, the political marriage” 104 It is not surprising that the widsdom of the sage, enshrined in documents such as the kakun, or “house laws” of the daimyo ontained references to t...
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