Not that an unmarried daigfhter was much better off

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Unformatted text preview: neat summary of the actual status of women in feudal society. On the question of adultery, there was one rule for a man and another for a woman. The house laws f the tokugawa family made the riht of a husband to kill an adulterous wide and her partner… there wa no such thins as adultery on the part os a husband provided that another mans wide was not involved 108 The taking of a concubine was no more than a meands of enduring that a daimyo house would poduce a son ot unherit and the more concubines the fewarer to chanse of success. 108 The concubine was castly inferior to the wife in a feudal household, having a rank of no moe than a servant. Not that an unmarried daig...
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