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Arounf this force of women the substantial structure

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Unformatted text preview: ble starting point or the introduction of sophisticated cultural ideas to japan 15 The presence of Buddhists in Japan had negligible effects until the emperors themselves took a serious interest in it 15 Appearance of empress suiko on the sceen, with her soga connections, paved the way for the rapid development of Buddhism. The palace was situated in more solid soga territory in the heart of the asuka region, which was soon built up as a hard core Buddhist center. The force of women in Japanese history mary r beard public affaris press Washington dc 1953 To the celestial circle of owager goddesses worshiped by ancient semites, ecgyptians, freks, romances, celts, scandanavians, and other peoples, the Japanese, about 2k years ago introduced their glamorous young goddess, Ama terasu o mi kami- she was a supreme...
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