Pacific down philippine plate up eurasian this means

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Unformatted text preview: s of Osaka and Kyoto – huge focal point of early habitation and social development - nobi - kanto- “east of the past”- the biggest plain- city of Tokyo and others are located- not major role in early hist Earthquakes - lies on four different place- north American. Pacific down, Philippine plate up, Eurasian - this means that has been damaged by volcanic eruptions and tsunamis - tsunami- harbor wave- can rise up to 50 feet Jomon Period 11,000- 300 BCE - right after most recent ice age - beyond the simple weapons, there was nothing significant - jomon- pottery styled during this time - jomon people- not known for sure – but early land bridges- came from north asia- via the Korean peninsula- - and Haikkida had land bridge in the north - some DNA evidence- that there were people of SE asia - there is archeology- the observations of non- japs- like Koreans and Chinese - they had earlier writings and wrote about their observations - another source- the human genome decoded- we still don’t know for sure but these people were at a state of hunter- gatherer societies – there were various kind...
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