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Faith nd the shinto faith which has yet to be defined

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Unformatted text preview: military prowess and magic/miracles - women occupied bigger political role than on mainland - mostly legends about this time - early attempts at state building and domestic coalitions - political power not concentrated- - but now, pop big and there is such a surplus, several groups attempt to build up orgs and compete for dominance Kofun - no breakthroughs in politics - huge pop - but change architecture - .25 of a millennium - had tombs- first situated around a city but then started to spread geographically and jump islands - in kania plain - daisen kofun (Osaka)- most moated – start in the 300s - art of stone masonry- very advanced now- thi still came from china via K- the spread of this tomb building reflects growing power of ruling groups - subordinates began to imitate the arch styles of dom clan to indicate loyalty 400s- 500s - leadership in dom clan Soga clan - no formal political beaucracy...
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