Sites it was taken very seriously indicated a sense

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Unformatted text preview: s of plant life evidence of piles of bones- small animals hunted for food- abundance of chestnut trees provided a major source of food widespread consumption of shellfish although beginnings of some kind of cultivating grains, this stage did not have a huge part of diet greater degree of gender equality- it is physically easier- and the babies can come along- generally pretty mobile- because small families Hierarchy - organized in small groups- 20 families- living closely together- mostly related- - same dialect - but tribes could develop dialect variations - if look at burial sites- it was taken very seriously- indicated a sense of an afterlife- sanctity of human life Architecture - village society- - pottery means that they have an excess of foods - also means that you have time- that you are more than just surviving - but not huge ag surplus yet - but can store nuts and stuff - specialization between different jobs - you can cook things in it- kills off germs in the fire - rope- like pattern- jomon means this- simple, rudimentary shape - middle jomon- - chestnut- baked- stays good for a while-...
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