Written record comes in 250 ce the coincides with a

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Unformatted text preview: portable etc Haniwa - higher degree of pottery- small doll - no practical use- appears at end of jomon period- - not sure if stylized humans, dieties, human figures seen as fertility, cure diseases - see the beginnings of Shinto - world is ruled by spirits that need worshipping Yayoi - 300 BCE begin - influx of influenced from mainland - influx of pop - wet rice production huge- from mainland - allows for rapid increase of population you give grain to others for them to protect it from robbers and animals- these people holding the grain get power to give or withhold the grain source of social conflict- growing of a hierarchy Hierarchy - aristocratic clans at top- from indigenous population- - there were some that claimed domination over others - lower class clans- age and gender within – provide labor/military- these were immigrants from Korea- justified lower class status - written record comes in 250 CE- the coincides with a long period of unified rule in china has come to an end - breaks up in smaller units looking for allies and looking for resources Yamati State - humiko- legendary woman ruler ...
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