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1221 kamakuro and imperial palace0 she played a major

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Unformatted text preview: o continue shogunal line to 1300’s woman from hojo family- - hojo masiko- widow of minimoto yoritomo- when he died she becomes a nun but still was a very imp person behind the scenes- her father acted as head of government- nomial descendents of - ken- shogun for a regent- the hojo fam maintains defacto control of minimoto clan- mutliclayered system of imperial court- now giving poilitical power to a shogun whose line has died out and now as a regent- - she was politically savvy indiv- not burdened because she was a woman - - 1221- kamakuro and imperial palace0 she played a major role in mobilizing the troops to attack the imperial forces- after she became widow of yoritomo- shows willingness to take initiative emperor vitobab- attempted revolt against shoguns- doesn’t really want o be empeoror- sets up lines for emperor on own initiative didn’t concult with korakura- put down gauntlet in shoguns face- announced new lines of succession- anyone who attended this celebration was seen as favoring the emperor and not the shogun shogun and imperial forces meet up and imperial forces outfought- word gets back to Kyoto and emperor and he leave the capital and heads up to the hills (the Buddhist retreat) that was known for fighting monks- sohey trying to get them to join he talks to the abbots and is unsuccessful – he is exiled and dies there but to make sure this thing never happens again- the kamakuro shogun takes steps- to bolster shogun power and the hojo family within the shogun he sets up offices – rancho rencho- gov official who had to sign off on any document generated by the hojo regency- a cadet, sideleine branch of the hojo family dominated this-...
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