Dutues of military govs responsibilites and to also

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Unformatted text preview: they are coopting any possible rivals by bringing them in as participants rakuhara tandai- brand new office- members of the hojo office- located in Kyoto- reps of the shogunal est in the imperial capital- they are the ones who are charged with negotiating with the imperial family- started intelligence gathering- security in the capital region- the minimoto family- a lot fo control over the east added terms to the term sheet: war of 1221- the jukyu war- the reign name of the emperor on the throne at that time- office of the co- signer- RENSHO the house regulations- the farris code- this was a doc issued 1232- so within the memory period of turmoil in 1221- looking for a way to stabilize position of samurai in the larger realm- doc 26 in LU- written by hojo shikatoki (linec)- he is a branch member of the hojo clan and had served as a top official of the rakahara tandai in Kyoto- his writings form the basis of the unwritten but widely accepted code of the warrior or bushido- wrote reg for warrior faimlies in general • spells out dutues of military govs –responsibilites and to also limit the kinds of decisions that they could actually control- dealt with issues of land and succession- for commoners and for members of the warrior elite- • favor move away from equal dist of prop of Heian court and now gives heads of fmailies to give one designated heir- this is a way to preserve property- primagenature- “first son”- the jap system is unigeniture- one of the sons not nec the first- the first has to convince he is worthy- Cult of bushido • • • • • • • • • the way of the armed warrior- samarai- broad meaning- someone who serves- used during the Heian period for servants attached to the noble families- have no military skills at all- but over time- came to mean military warrior who serves someone higher up dainyo- “big name”- a new class- th...
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