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Get rid of all xtans at that point port are expelled

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Unformatted text preview: on the books • another- the bakfu est a monopoly on trade and raw silk – it was monopolized by tokagawa gov- • 1639- final set of restrictions in response to uprising in north jap- charact as pro xtianty- the gov can come in and get rid of all xtans at that point • port are expelled at this point- • the dutch at this time had converted from roman cath to calvanism- thye were restricted to small part of the harbor- a small island in the harbor- this was a small place were the dutch could go • once a year the dutch travelled to edo at the shoguns court and put on display- pretense showing loyalty- but they ended up being entertainers- • not until 1850s with admiral perry comes in does jap open up- •...
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