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Didnt eschew westernization but lost respect bc fell

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Unformatted text preview: tariff J could charge on imports- had to be low- - right of xtan missionaries- freedom of religious expression- this went against 200 y o ban on xtans - extraterritoriality- foreigners in jap were not subject to it’s laws- diplomatic immunity for all residents- only answer to American consular officer- this was the most humiliating term hotta masayoshi- served as chief advisor at time of harris treaty- lasts until 1858 - went to the court in Kyoto and asked for their opinion on the treaty- - emperor said to not sign- - the shogunal gov was courting the court for their support bc daimyo dwindling support- - signs treaty- helped to diminish the shogunate for the daimyo- said he was disloyal to the emperor for disobeying...
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