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Dies in 1867 replaced by new emperor meiji 15 yo

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Unformatted text preview: satcho hito group - a- d were areas that had been up until the end of the 18th cent were among the most conservative politically and socially- fiscal pressures that had impacted the central gov- - part of what ends up favoring the process of adapting to new situstions is the lack of central gov control and the dgree of autonomy diamyo had over their lands- as long as they didn’t disobey the shogunate thy could do anything they wanted - greater degree of innovation- rationalize programs- taxes, local famines, efforts at building up small scale efforts- - now daimyo beign to experiment with canons and new methods of organizing the military- - there were some daimyo that said that their samurai are badly trained, demoralized (bad stipends) and many are simply leaving and doing other things- they are losing manpower and ability- why not give armaments to local militia from the lower middle class - other daimyos said this was ridiculous and couldn’t believe that they should expect a peasant to fight- but some peasants proved they could fight- - they had vast, untapped resource- so why not use this demographic and recruit peasants into the military type of innovation that were beign carried out in the outskirts of japan blak ships - says you will trade, you have to open up- says will come back in a year- makes a second visit in feb 1854 - suring this time- the tokoaawa gov has a prob- the americans are coming with a much more effective fleet that t...
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