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Okay no unity among daimyo therefore shogun ahd to

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Unformatted text preview: hey cant get rid of- final- broad concepts, small number of names- chronology- tokagawa government- Meji restoration 4 big fiefdoms in south- provide basis of opposition to tokagawa gov komei- throne for 21 years- tumultuous period in hist- dies in 1867- replaced by new emperor meiji- 15 yo- change in shogunal family- iemoci- shogun for brif period- 12 yo- tokugawa yoshinobu- final shogun- only 2 years- abe masahiro- early age (20s) gets job as advisor to the shogunate- roju- part of an informal group of advisors that goes back to original shogun - senior counselor- decade- gave him a long, continuous rule- worked himself to death- - increased pressure from outside wold demanding jap to open up- growth of whaling indust- more Americans and others whaled off of japan- shipwrecked- therefore, Amer, russ and brits wanted to protect - asking for docking priveleges, fuel, repair ships= - ignored and rejected by shogunate- - edict to repel foreign ships- shogunate told all daimyo to fire at sigt on any foreign ship- provoked hostilities- - isolation not plausible- - unequal treaty era- wants to urge daimyo to understand seriousness of the threat- engaged in coastal defense- - build up fort in bay of edo- lifted ban on daimyo building large ships (since 1640s) because gov didn’t want the enemies to have that power - he knew must use all resources to stop pressures that china had to deal with- - 40s- opens up baval academy in Nagasaki- (major port w...
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