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Shogun marries komies sister first time this happened

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Unformatted text preview: ith dutch and chinese)- but rather than regulate the trade, he starts school that trains naval officers in ship building and commanding- rellies on duth expertise- buys from the dutch a large steamship and small sailing ships- uses dutch to educate- - education- language, western military science- doing this at a time when Jap not under direct pressure china- 1842/44 treaties- the gov’s reaction was to do nothing perry 1853- presents demands- give them a year to answer- in this context, abe reached out to other daimyo and to imperial court for suggestions- some daimyo did not want to open to amers, russ- wanted to refuse their demands- others said okay- no unity among daimyo therefore, shogun ahd to choose acquiesce to amers- kanagawa treaty with us, others with brits, French, russ= amers took lead though kanagawa - want coaling priveleges- bc steam powered boats- need docking privlliges- as well - signs treaty- no support - amers saw first treaty as beginning - wanted more trading rights - us wants global market in jap- bc brits had in china- harris treaty - begins negotiations – draconian treaty- followed the model of brits on china - five treaty ports- open to foreign trade (Nagasaki (previously de facto) etc)- all over japan opened up for foreign residents- - foreigners can live in treaty ports- - exchange diplomats- us puts in consulate- and consulate in each treaty port- - chinese had refused exchange of diplomatic counsels- - put a limit on how much...
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