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The tokagawa period term of art that refers to the

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Unformatted text preview: h attention to japs distinctive figs - he was a scholar in the mito school- effort to write out hist of imp family to stress validity of emp - he stressed kokutai kokutai- “national body”- it was indefineable- there is a unique essence of japs that make them diff from everyone else- they have a national polity- need to be able to do what ever it takes to fend off foreign influence that will weaken them to not handle own domestic problems- nationalist purity- they are the ones to deal with jap edict to repel foreign ships - edicts passed- by this time the brits and the Russians had sent a number of expeditions to japan asking for diplomatic relations- they were turned down by the tokagawa gov shozan - eastern ethics, western technology- trying to draw a distinction between knowledge from west and the separation from jap culture - this slogan was from china too- huge tensionsin china- defeated by brits- signed treaty and put under trading regime- if nec- they will only use west studies for practical use - from a political point of view- if japs think they need to learn the military tech from the west to protect themselves, they can use the slogan but still maintain their own purity= - those who accepted this slogan were bakumatsu - end of the tokagawa period - term of art that refers to the arrival of admiral perry in 1853- ends 15 years later with overthrow of the gov - activities dominated by outside daimyo- esp by a group of the...
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