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Osaka it was the economic hub of the country stipends

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Unformatted text preview: e of draining other daimyo of their money - daimyo has to maintatin two households etc- so cant build up their own army or gain more production- travel time and money was expensive- need to pay for roads to travel on- daimyoalso couldn’t adopt a direct heir- - centralized feudalism- a way of imposing centralization on an easily segmented structure- all of these powers connected by roads- links entire country- think of tokagawa- premodern japan- they provide basis for rapid rtransformation of japan- - when jap goes indust in 1870s already has a road system which interconnects entire country- economic integration of the country- culturally integrated as well- - as samurai- paid in rice- ship rice to the new financial center of japan- Osaka- it was the economic hub of the country- stipends don’t adjust with inflation- therefore, stipends get smaller and smaller based on inflation= many samurai have to go into commerce 7. jo...
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