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Law of military houses codes of conduct and admin

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Unformatted text preview: okagawa Ieyasu- in order to make sure his lineage wouldn’t be weakened- he enfiefed three of his youngest sons and declared if his direct line htourhg the son dies out, these are the lineages you will go to get a legitimate heir • Alleviate disputes among other families- if the family was not following rules, he could order that daimyo to forfeit land- • Tokawagaw- very rich in japan=control valuable ports- they controlled mines as well- the dominant economic power 4. law of military houses- codes of conduct and admin regulatios- first articulated by Ieyasu befreo he died and reafrimed by his son and expanded upon subsequently- became the main legal code for the tokagawa gov until mid 19th cent- regulate conduct of subordinate daimyo- 5. bakufu- domain system- 6. alternate attendance system- not unprecedented- H required daimyo to live close by- he wanted their attendance at his court- the Tokagawa kept it up as well- Tokagawa had epress purpos...
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