Polygamy etc etc by not condemning the kings of

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Unformatted text preview: imply as effort to comtrol pop- tokagawa- makes everyone convert- and the Buddhist temple is the one that has to administer the census to the people- so the temples become a sort of police force- “the hidden xtans”= the problem is that they have no connection and guidance form rome- so their practices evolve into ancestor worship • they have images of the virgin disuised as images of the bodhisattvas • they survived until 1850s when japan gets opened up again • rights controversy- no impact in japan- because it was underground at this point- • matteo richi- jap Jesuit trained- knew that chinaw as the place to go- he gets permission to live on the chinese mainland- he est good relations with the chinese- Manchuria • Russians come in and build forts- Edict of toleration- neutral of xtianity- in china- the chinese govt says allowed to practice freely – - the next year 1693- trouble cause by xtans (Dominicans and Franciscans) who argued that the Jesuits were teaching a watered down xtianity- they allowed polygamy- etc etc by not condemning the kings of anciesnt china, they were not portraying the true faith- they...
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