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Population their goal was t go for the top levels of

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Unformatted text preview: pulation was not what he believed was right • He was there to spread the faith, not eropeani- ze them • Believed they needed to train priests within the culture- needed to accept the culture and learn and understand the customs of the people they were teachings- takes seriously the language, custom, and beleifs systems of the population • Their goal was t go for the top levels of society • Convinced some diamyo that the xtan god was more powerful than their were- • Area at Nagasaki where the transfers were going on- because near the ports and trading centers- 1582 balenano goes back to macaw hideoshi comes to power after previous leader commits suicide hideoshi • Sees xtaintiy as a threat- stressed by the daimyo contacts with the Europeans- its done under the guise as xtianity- but they are also being supplied with weaponry • This will be hard to take over now • 1587- issues his first bans- to keep the church from sending more preists • 1597- felt the first ban wasn’t taken seriously- executes xtans in Nagasaki (which was the headquarters)- to show they were disfavored- they wer...
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