Population and the peasants revolted ronin masterless

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Unformatted text preview: e executed by being crucified- • delegations for the phillipines- and fearing they were bringin more influence, he has the whole delegation killed after Japan reunified under tokagawa • same objets to xtianity- didn’t hate on philsop gournds- but on his power • made it illegal- takes the banning of missionaires a step further- • for the next 20 years, the law was on the books- didn’t take active efforts to suppress it Shimabara repression- • early euro texts- xtan rebellion against tokagawa regime- others say it was a peasant rebellion against toakgawa • now- the local daimyo was trying to build a new castle and was extracting too many goods and taxes from the population- and the peasants revolted- ronin (masterless samurai) took part as well- the district of shimabara influenced by xtianity as well now • when the rebellion broke out- it was seen in the minds of the tokagawaw gov by xtans- for this reason, the gov used this rebellion as an excuse to crack down on all rebellions in japan- • 1639- Jesuit and cath enterprise goes underground- no visible presence for 200+ years- • s...
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