Installs yoshiaki as shogun but then nobunaga kicks

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Unformatted text preview: 40 k – c. june 1560- battle of okehazama- it seemed he was very outnumbered 35k to 2k troops- brilliant strategy- to leave a small group of troops at the temple- set up bundles of straw and put helmets on top of them- from a distance, it looked like there were soldiers in that region- tricked his enemies to thinking he was in the temple- surprise attack down hill- the enemies overwhelmed- mae his name important- show he was going to be a contender- dominant in the Kyoto region- used his connectionto support installation of the 15th shogun- • • • • d. installs yoshiaki as shogun- but then nobunaga kicks him out- 15th shogun- no other ashikaga gets shogun- nobunaga helps him to power, but then simply kicks him out because doesn’t like him anymore- e. nogunaga- gets title of court noble- 1577- minister of the right- 3rd highest position in the imperial branch of government- formal recognition of his power by the royal court- f. incident at honnoji- nobunaga murdered by a general- one of his ltnts was out in battle- he called for reinforcements- he asked nobunaga to join in the battle- so that he would get up higher- and...
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