Regents to whoever is on the throne then in 85 he got

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Unformatted text preview: nobunaga would get credit for it- he was passing through this area, and rested inside a temple of honnoji in Kyoto- he believe there would be no real threats- unarmed- one of his associates surrounded the temple- he committed suicide- to see wouldn’t be captured- but it was a forced suicide- in 1582- nobu- dead- g. no designated successor- he owns most of the territory around Kyoto- h. Hideyoshi- not much known about him- many names- present at nobunaga’s circle- he was a personal servant to the general- sandle bearer- no personal charisma- he was known as a monkey – but nobunaga recognized hisintense loyalty and a military genious- o nobunaga gave him increasingly important commands- which raised the jealousy of those around him- he begins to gather more supporters- goes on campaigns- came from peasnt background- gto himself adopted in fujiwara family- and fujiwara still being used as regents to whoever is on the throne- then in 85- he got himself named as mapaku or regent- then given the honorific name as toyotomi- but never actually gets the title- but does manage to whipe out any serious opposition to hs rule- and the top mi...
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