Rise of charaismatic military leaders deal making

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Unformatted text preview: momoyama- another castle in Kyoto- built after he consolidates his control over japan- took many years to build- didn’t last as long as the period it took to build- destroyed by earthquake it just didn’t exist unitl rebuilt and recreated 1. rise of charaismatic military leaders- deal making, alliances brokering, no one is allowed to attack them 2. Oda Nobunaga a. oda nobunaga- regarded as an eratic child, the legal heir to his dads position, his older bro son of concubine- although he came froma relatively well est family (dad shugo )- so as member of ruling class, he preferred hanging out with commoners- developed a fascination of western style fire- rms which are introduced by the Portuguese accidental landing- in 1551- his dad died- he took this terribly- very upset- he didn’t obey the proper rituals- very inappropriate- one of his assistance committed suicide in anguish- involved murderous rivlery b. at 1560- oda becomes ruler- very cruel- 1571- on mount heia- he launched an attack on the Buddhist temples and they burned it to the ground- 4k people ///went after the single minded sect- death toll was...
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