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9 yamaga soku first to use bushido as a term but we

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Unformatted text preview: disciple of Confus confus • React against legalism- which takes a view that we act on pleasure/pain calculus • The best way to get someone to do something is to • Confus- says if you puinish people to get them to do something they will spend their whole time looping holes- if you act good, others will internalize and do good on their own • But he never says if p[eople are good or bad • Roel of example is like the iwnd blowing over grass- whatever the leader does, the people will follow Menchis • 300 bce – 1k years later • humans are innately good- we have an innate thing to do good • believed ppl to do good was like water running down a hill- over time, water runs down hill and humasn behave in a go matter • spam- scholars think with brains, rest work with muscles- i shunzu • lived during tumultulous time- yes people can do good, but many just are too lazy • conf- bc accepts confus teachings • were legalists are practical politicians- who will take seriously the early jo kings and their ideals • says humans are like crocked wood- if you have wood, you can bend it but you will have to put pressure on it • 3 stages- for the bulk of society, example is enough, for the next, you need persuasion, next is punishment and coercion • confus/menchis would never need coercion line 9- yamaga soku • first to use bushido as a term- but we have been using this term since eand of Heian period • the first to begin writing down the precepts of what a good warrior should do believed the peasant the artisans and merchant are all required to engage in commercial activities in order to survive- believed these people are distracted and cant follow confus • samarai are the only ones who...
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