Touched but when the shoguns take over they dont

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Unformatted text preview: goes back 5 k BCE- but Japs begin to systematize their own creation myths- aim at confirming the divine origins of the J people and that they did not come from China or Korea - Creation myths- sometimes accepted as truth- taught as facts until 1945 and end of dynastical leadership Heian Period - Marked by three components of elites - 1. Old aristocrats and allies - 2. Buddhist clergy who developed own power bases out of monasteries- even developed own militaries - 3. Military- becomes v powerful esp as aristocrats lose control - probs with lineage- you create a generation of very competent members of imperial family- they all want control- during this, members are given territory - and family names in order to build up their own socioeconomic regime- recruits labor a...
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