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Greg Dobson SN 103 Senor Hughes Cultural Event #2 In the Time of the Butterflies: After seeing the film “In the Time of the Butterflies” it allowed me to realize just how harsh living outside of the United States, particularly under a dictatorship, can be. Having never been familiar with the history of the Dominican Republic that aspect of the story within the film was very intriguing and informative to me. In 1960, Dictator Rafael Trujillo was in the midst of a harsh rule over the country with an iron fist grip, using torture, murder, and terror to quell any opposition to his regime. Despite his efforts to repel resistance, Trujillo’s lack of progress for the people forces him to encounter opposition from Minerva Mirabal, a native to the country who was passionately opposed to the dictator’s methods of governing. The film started relatively slow, allowing the audience to become acquainted with the Mirabal family and the country’s state of government. The pace progresses though as tensions rise between Minerva and Trujillo
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