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Unformatted text preview: m [cheetah video] 31 The Fly’s “Halteres” The house fly‐ Musca domestica 32 A very sleepy fly… Syrphid Fly blue haltere ‐ Melanostoma mellinum 33 Heading lock gyroscope Keeps the helicopter pointed in the desired direction gyro: sense computer: compute tail rotor: actuate 34 The Gyroscope A gyroscope is a sensor that measures changes in heading • This is different from a compass which measures heading directly • A gyroscope can only measure change in heading: i.e. where you are pointed compared to where you were pointed A Mechanical Gyro: Gyros are everywhere! • • • • • • A cheetah’s head (the vestibular system) Your head (try spinning around then walking) Fly’s Halteres This model helicopter Real airplanes The r‐one robots 35 Wait, there’s anoth...
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