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Unformatted text preview: t Rice: • • • • • • Bioengineering Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Electrical Engineering Computer Science 16 What are the main parts in this engineering system? 17 We’ve looked at the parts How do they connect together? this is not very useful… 18 Block Diagrams This is a physical arrangement of components A functional arrangement would be more useful. • We group things based on what they do Let’s hide some of the detail • We’ll use boxes instead of pictures: energy storage: battery energy conversion: motor energy transmission: gears physical force: rotor blade 19 Modularity With boxes, it’s easy to understand how to swap components out We can swap our gears for a belt drive, or our rotor blades for these goofy glow‐in‐the‐dark versions… energy storage: battery energy conversion: motor energy transmission: belt drive physical force: goofy glow‐ in‐the‐dark rotor blades 20 Abstraction We actually don’t care about what happens inside these boxes We care about the function, not the implementation We can replace our electric helicopter with a gas helicopter:...
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