The input gear is the left most gear the output gear

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Unformatted text preview: r is the left-most gear, the output gear is the right most-gear. Compute the gear ratios for these arrangements of gears, also called geartrains: a. 3 b. c. d. e. Case study: Automobile Four-Speed Manual Transmission (11.5pts) Below is a diagram of a manual transmission from a car. Just like the bicycle transmission, it allows the driver to select different speed/torque combinations while driving. However, unlike a bicycle, the gears are always in mesh, i.e. there is no chain that moves from gear to gear. Instead, there are parts called synchros that can slide back and forth and engage with parts called cones. The driver uses the gear shift lever to select which synchro is engaged. Only one synchro can be engaged at a time. In the figure below,...
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