This is fourth gear 05pt which synchro selects a gear

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Unformatted text preview: fourth gear) (0.5pt) Which synchro selects a gear ratio from the motor to the drive shaft that is less than 1:1? (This is called overdrive, because the drive shaft turns faster than the motor. This provides better fuel economy.) (0.5pt) 7. Which synchro selects reverse? (0.5pt) 8. What is the gear ratio from the motor to the drive shaft when reverse gear is selected? (0.5pt) For the following questions assume that the driver has selected synchro “a”, the engine is turning at 900 revolutions per minute (RPM), and the tire diameter is 0.6 meters. Remember that the linear distance the tire travels along the ground in a single rotation is the circumference of the tire. 9. Compute the gear ratio from the motor to the rear axle. The gears that connect the drive shaft to the rear axle are called bevel gears. Th...
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